Package Receiving in Blaine, Washington

Canada border
“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address in Blaine, Washington”

The greater Vancouver area has many savvy shoppers and that’s why shipping to Blaine is talked about so much. Many people hear about this through family members or friends but wonder exactly how it works. This website was built to give you those answers.

Who We Are

Edge Logistics has partnered with Kinek to make shipping to Blaine an easy 3 step process. Edge Logistics accepts packages of any size and weight and can help you save money on Christmas gifts, car parts, clothes, home decor, and so much more. We have loading docks and forklifts which allow us to receive just about everything and then help load it when you arrive. With your free Kinek account, you can monitor and control the whole process.

Why Ship to Blaine?

Often times there are websites that don’t ship to Canada. We try to make this less frustrating for our friends up north by letting everyone use our facility to receive packages from companies that don’t ship to Canada. Other times, websites will ship to Canada, but their international shipping and brokerage fees are outrageously expensive. In these cases, we’re happy to eliminate those fees for customers by using our address for shipping. Either way, shipping to Blaine will save you lots and we’re more than happy to be your US Shipping Address.

About Kinek

With Edge Logisitcs partnering with Kinek you have even more piece of mind when shipping your packages. Kinek currently has 17 US border KinekPoints across the country and close to a 1,000 locations across North America ensuring consumers get their packages safely. Kinek is backed with great customer support and some neat technology. From package notifications to package monitoring, Kinek provides you with all sorts of neat features that make shipping to Blaine that much easier. Kinek continously updates their website to offer more convenience to the end consumer and can be viewed at It’s free to sign up and the only fee you ever pay is a per package pick-up fee.

Shipping to Blaine through Kinek is your safest and most professional option. Edge Logisitcs will ensure your package(s) remains in a secure area until you pick it up. We’re also open 6-days a week to make picking up your package as easy as possible.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us.